Event | Beneath The Skin

Beneath The Skin

Coming off a year’s streak of planning for an album launch, two poets whose journey of friendship and life stories unmask the harsh uncertainties that come with growing up invite you to a celebration of life in pieces of poetry, music and thoughts.

Come listen to true accounts of events that have shaped their lives; experiences that bring you closer home to the realization that we are more connected than we ever know from the fact that we are humans.

For GuFy and Rixpoet, art is more than a mode of expression. It is a means for healing the self as well as building one’s environment. More than anything, the message they are passing across is that happiness comes better when we value and celebrate each other, by serving one another.

This session is meant to introduce you to yourself.

Advance Tickets: 200/-
Tickets at the Gate: 300/-

0728 668 559 | 0722 79 04 79

Buy your ticket today. 🙂

To Greatness



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