Word Sessions Line up: TRABOLEE



In 2011 Trabolee a.k.a TRA started his career to spoken word with the rap group Blaq Roze in Nakuru. Passionate about hip hop TRA continued to explore rap music and in 2013 collaborated with the Nakuru based rap group 1183.

By 2014 TRA and 1183 released the album R.I.F.T , moved to Nairobi and won the Aarba Cypher competition. This year, TRA launched his first solo album ‘All Roads Home’. In addition TRA is a spoken word poet. He writes heart felt poems calling for love, compassion and revolution.

Ask the government what they done

Ask the media what they done

Ask the system what they done

SEX SALES! So this is blind pornography, promiscuous celibacy, eargasms for the deaf, intellectual intercourse like my words is ecstasy.

I am my own nemesis like the reaper with suicidal tendencies, sound of an unsound mind; I’m deaf to your perception coz most of you cats sound blind,

They devour to divide so I took a vow to be vile, so profound they want my profile.

~ Trabolee

And on the 5th December 2015 TRA takes the stage at Word Sessions, join us in being a part of this amazing talent’s journey.

See you then!


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