Word Sessions Line up: MONITAH


Monitah is a singer, songwriter, and a poet who hails from Nairobi. She has been writing poetry since she was in high school, using her pen and paper as a medium to channel all her fears, frustrations and random thoughts about life.

Most of her poems are on paper but she has gotten into performing her poems more this year, slamming at Slam Africa in August. She says she used to be shy and as such avoided performing in front of people but now she’s a bit more open to the idea of people getting a sneak peek into her deepest darkest thoughts.

In her own words, “The beauty of poetry and spoken word is the fact that you can air your views and ideas in whatever way you feel like without anyone telling you that it’s wrong to feel that way or without them trying to censor you. Poetic license is so beautiful and as such I exercise it with intense vigor.

“I like to fuse music and a bit of rap into my poetry as I feel it brings out the true essence of who I am. Poetry is the language of the soul and music is what holds it together.”

Morning Dew

Fresh kama morning dew,
Morning dew, I feel brand new,
Brand new without the new car smell,
Coz a new car smells like it’s been manufactured,
While me on the other hand,
I’m just healing those bones that had been fractured,

Teaching myself how to see the sun’s rays,
Sun rays that kiss me every morning now,
Sunny days, days that remind me why I don’t miss the old me now
Asubui njema,
Asubui njema,
At least niko alive ata kama nina vilema.

~ Monitah

And on the 5th December 2015 Monitah performs at Word Sessions, join us in witnessing and appreciating of this multi-talented artist’s performance.

See you then!


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