Word Sessions Line up: NENO KALI

Neno Kali

Neno Kali is more than a recording engineer and a producer; he is a weaver of words. With lyrics that examine both the individual (where he draws from his own personal experiences), and society as a whole, Neno is a resounding voice of global consciousness, his guttural tones casting an eye on our social mores, from politics and tribe, to love and lust and man’s personal quest for freedom.

Strewn across three continents, Neno has worked with artists in the UK, in Kenya and in the USA, composing for, and collaborating with the likes of funk luminary Tony Ozier, underground hip-hop veteran S.U.N. Scientific Universal Noncommercial, and soul songstress Hassanah.

She was warned before she came…
Careful before you tangle with this
Cunning linguist,
Whose tongue dips,
And flips words,
More sinuous than an Olympic gymnast.

Yes, she was warned,
That words can touch places hands,
Even tongue can’t reach,
Inducing a bliss that once sampled
Would be soooooo
Sorely missed…
Yet still she persists!

~ Exerpt from the poem ‘Cunning Linguist’ by Neno Kali

Neno Kali takes the stage at Word Sessions on December 5th, join us for a performance you definitely don’t want to miss.

See you then!

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