Word Sessions Line up: ADHIAMBO AGORO


Adhiambo Agoro is Kenyan poet born and brought up in Nairobi where she resides to date. She began writing at the age of twelve and her budding nest for poetry has felt the touch of many. Adhiambo has written poems versed to photography and has received great reception for her skill. For her, anything that gives life is inspiration for her writing.

Attuned to particulars of travel and explorations, she adds into poetry the distinctive value of ‘seeing the words on extra coloration’. She has self-published several collections on her blog (adhiamboagoro.wordpress.com) and other social media platforms under her name. She is currently pursuing CPA and a Bachelor of Commerce undergraduate degree. She herself, is poetry and continues to grow the arc she describes as “An affirmation, for the little scales that mentions my name – the baby steps that makes the rhythmic heart of a woman.”

Fruit of my womb
I beg to stay away
And let you build bridges
To carve sculptures of our souls
To read invisible lines of Holy books
To find meaning in meaningless lines
And hope from tombs left for so long
Mother will be back
Let me find one like us, for us to become one

As your spine gives your body posture
So does the rhythm of our blood play upright music?
You are my last winter bird
My twins gave hope
My smile gave pride
But we’re little termites with big hearts
We need our scraggy feet for paths we haven’t crossed
Let me find one like us, for us to become one

~ Excerpt from the poem ‘My Son’ by Adhiambo Agoro

Catch Adhiambo on the 5th December 2015 when she takes the stage at Word Sessions to perform her amazing poetry.

See you then!


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