Word Sessions Line up: ZESHARI JEAN


Born in 1992 in Nairobi , Kenya. She is known as the heart whisperer due to her polished skill in writing songs that touch the deepest part of her audience heart, soothing Afro Pop music. Zeshari studied songwriting and performance in the much respected Sauti Academy founded in 2008 by Nynke Nauta and Robert Wawesh. There, she absorbed the acute attention to song interpretation and writing.

Zeshari enjoys singing to the top of the stratosphere and writing songs on the guitar and piano, and whatever weird or broken instruments she finds in the attic or gutter; her EP is coming up soonand she is working on fresh material for a near-future release; she comes from a family of music supporters and has found another kind of musical family within the her band commonly knonw as JEAN AND THE BOYS.

Come enjoy Zeshari’s great musical performance on the 5th December 2015 as she takes the stage at Word Sessions.

See you then!


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