Word Sessions | Feb. 2016 Lineup:MWAY


Mway Qassim is a truth seeker,poet-guitarist and a keen word smith who is deeply inspired by the personal experiences as the basis of his pieces. Born and raised in Nairobi, he spent most of his childhood exploring different ideas in music and books where he found solace and tranquil. His pieces mostly reflect an undying love for raw honesty and exploring the human psyche from a multidimensional viewpoint, and fusing his pieces with guitar chords brings the message he speaks to life.

I keep wanting you to show up in person,
Even though my doubts are loud,
I keep wanting to come up with a solution,
Even though my gaze is fixed on the ground,
Hoping that my seeds will sprout,
And that they’ll be plenty,
Even though the weather people say the seasons will be affected,
Our produce will be rejected,
I don’t remember asking for their assessment

~ Excerpt from the poem ‘In Person’ by Mway.

And on the 6th February 2016 Mway takes the stage at Word Sessions, join us for a wonderful and entertaining afternoon.

See you then!


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