Word Sessions | Feb. 2016 Lineup: BECKY



Becky is a female page poet who brings her grim and fairy tales from her soul, to the page and then to the stage.
She has been an active spoken word poet for one year and seven months now. Within that time she has performed at various events such as Eve of Poetry, Street Poetry, Poetry at the Pool, Fatuma’s Voice and Slam Africa where she was the 2nd runner-up during the 56th edition, just to mention a few. She has also had one of her pieces, Welcome To The Gallery, translated into German in order to reach a wider audience.
Her genre, she says, can only be explained as laying her heart bare to “intimate” strangers.

This piece is dedicated,

To the one who will come after me.

The first time he saw me,

He walked up to me and said,

“Hi, I’m a painter,

And you look a lot like one of the paintings I recently finished.”

Being an art enthusiast, I asked which one,

And he said,  “The One”.

~ Excerpt from the poem ‘Welcome to the Gallery’ by Becky.

Join Becky on the 6th of February at Paa Ya Paa for Word Sessions as she performs her poetry!


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