Word Sessions | Feb. 2016 Lineup: KOI KIMANI


Cynthia Wangui Kimani who prefers to be addressed as Koi Kimani is a young upcoming poet and musician. Inspired at the age of 12 by her twin sister, she took an interest and later on studied Literature and poetry in her O Levels. She started writing at the age of 18 and began performing her pieces when she was 19.

Her inspirations are Adrienne Rich, Shakespeare, and Allen Curnow among others. She has performed at ‘Poems on Walls’, ‘An Evening of Afro Jazz’, ‘Slam Africa’, and ‘Angaza’.

You can follow her on social media (Twitter: @_TRUEkoi, Facebook: Koi Kimani; Instagram: @kito_ke; YouTube: Koi Kimani) and on her blog, koikimani.wordpress.com.

I want us to be so close that

Even when you’re not there

I will still feel your embrace

Distance will only show me

How much our hearts are filled with grace

~ Excerpt from the poem ‘I Want Cheesy Pickup Lines’ by Koi Kimani.

Koi takes the stage at Word Sessions on Saturday, 6th February! Come watch her perform her poetry!


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