Word Sessions | Feb. 2016 Lineup: KEITH CARTOONIST


Keith/Cartoonist is a soft-spoken spoken word artist with a thing for cartoons and urban pop culture. The 56th Slam Africa King, Cartoonist goes on stage not just to bring some old school loving through cartoon characters that jog your memory, but to also shed some light on issues deemed as minute to be talked about on stage.

Keith is also a poet activist under SEMA|ANIKA and the Co-Founder of the always entertaining Cake Art Affair!

So I ask again, look into my eyes and tell me what you see,

Can you see a boy who was called a misfit, unwanted, incomplete?

A boy who got picked on everyday just because he din know the meaning of man up,

Since there was no man up in his house?

Tell me if you understand how painful it was for a boy to grow up with a constant empty seat beside him every prize giving day,

How damaging it is for a boy to grow up being afraid of going into the confession box,

Cause he wasn’t sure he’d find a father to confess to.

~ Excerpt from the poem ‘Dad’s Letter’ by Keith Cartoonist

This Saturday, Cartoonist performs some of his amazing poems at Word Sessions and you won’t want to miss an afternoon of good poetry, music, and chilled vibes!


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