Word Sessions | Feb. 2016 Lineup: SERRO



Serro is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and drummer based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is also a music student at Kenyatta University. Serro’s genre of music is afro-pop with major influences from Benga and jazz. She also attempts to sample basics from all other genres of music thus creating a very unique sound, but still manages to keep it very much African and authentic. She has been described as the next Suzanna Owiyo.

Although very young, She has performed at several events; both corporate and social. These include: An evening of Afrojazz, Lele live, The vintage affair, Thursday Nite Live, Jamhuri festival, Sondeka Festival, The Cake Art Affair, just to mention a few. She has also been booked several times to play at some very prestigious venues including: The Alliance Francaise, The Goethe Instutut, Michael Joseph Centre, The Panafric hotel, Sawela Lodge, What’s Good Live and many others. Through these, her fan base is growing quite significantly and she is proving to be one of the most preferred female performers.

Alongside performing her own music, Serro is the lead vocalist for the Ricky Na Marafiki Band which is a very popular jazz band also based in Nairobi. She has been featured on the Daily Nation (zuqka) and is currently working on her first single ‘Rongai’ which is being produced by the super producer Polycarp Otieno.

To contact her, send an email to serromziki@gmail.com. You can also look up her social media (Facebook: Serro; Instagram: @serro___; Twitter: @serro___; YouTube: Hulda Serro)

On Saturday, February 6th, Serro will be performing at Word Sessions! Make sure you get your tickets and don’t miss out on an incredible afternoon of music and poetry!


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