Word Sessions | Mar. 2016 Lineup: KAESA


Kaesa is a poet and a graphic designer at Alternative Agency whose work is mostly ‘people’ centered; telling the stories of “small boys in big cities” in prose and performance poetry. He is also an occasional blogger and guest writer for literature blogs with an extensive experience in poetry performance.

His recent work seeks to tell the story of young people in urban spaces seeking to ‘find themselves’ within a largely social-networked society where expectations, goals and relations are predefined. The series hopes to share a ‘young boy’s’ experiences and lessons. The first short story in the series ‘Train tracks, Strings and Shanties’ published in the anthology The Fifth Draft – Anthology (Lesleigh Inc. 2015) initiates the conversation from memories of lessons learnt. Also published in The Fifth Draft – Anthology is his poem entitled ‘Sky Above Palestine’.

Follow Kaesa on social media (Twitter: @kelvinKaesa; Instagram: @kkaesa) and on his blog (medium.com/@kelvinkaesa)

Kaesa takes the stage this Saturday at Word Sessions at the Paa Ya Paa Arts & Culture Centre! Make sure that you get your advance tickets soon by sending 300/- KShs by M-Pesa to 0718878240!


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