The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Healing When Your Art Is Stolen

Unfortunately, copycats are a rampant disease in the creative space, and any art form is difficult to defend from the illness. So we must opt to be prepped should the situation call for it. Stealing art is not always direct, it can be a mimicked directly, can be stolen patent or copyright, it can be a copied poem or a beat you know is yours. Heck, you can be sitting at home trying to unwind and see your script on a show with a different name attached to it. An unfortunate part of choosing a creative career; a sort of job hazard.

Denial: “Did this b*tch really just…”

You are in shock, did someone somehow really have the gall to steal your work? Which is unbelievable because you would never steal anyone’s work so no other creative would right? RIGHT? So you make excuses perhaps it is just one large coincidence?




The Search For Support: “So no one is going to say anything”

Everyone who ever saw this work and might recognize similarities must speak up. But no one does and it makes no sense someone is stealing, where are the voices against it? The lack of acknowledgment is pretty hurtful and unusually common. Leading to the next stage.

Anger: “I should kill them”

If you are not a creative this sounds extra, but stealing art is a personal attack. The creation of anything is so deeply personal it is close to a sacrifice of self. The process is so painful you only keep doing it because for some mystical reason you love it so much. And after the process of shedding your skin for your creation and regrowing to be able to do it again. Someone being lazy and stealing is a complete disregard of your efforts and will make you want justice. And death can be justice.



Acceptance-ish”How do I get a hold of Karma’s phone number”

After you realize you are too pretty to go to prison and too lazy to come up with a Hannibal-esque murder plan. You also realize the energy you put into this person is simply not worth it; you could be creating something new instead.

Realization: “This sucks, but I am still the shit”

In short, you are a well, you will replenish. You are a source of creativity and inspiration. Those who go from well to well have short creative lifespan your possibilities, however, are infinite. Don’t you ever forget it!




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