6 Thoughts That Go Through The Mind Of A Single Poet Performing on V-day

It’s that time of year again, couples get all lovey-dovey; malls get filled with hearts and the word ‘LOVE’ every-frikin’-where; guys lose their minds and wallets trying to please their significant others; social media is awash with ‘Happy V-day’ posts; and there seem to be a thousand-and-one events themed around this ‘special’ day. So you’ve probably been single around this time of year at least a couple of times in your life, but have you ever thought about what it’s like to be single and performing in front of couples at events on V-day? Here are a few thoughts that have gone through my mind on such days.

“Do you only celebrate love today? What about every other day?”

I’m sure every single person thinks about this when they see couples. Like, what about the other 364 days of the year? Shouldn’t you do this every day? Shouldn’t you hire me to speak sweet words to you and your partner every day? It’s an idea and worth a shot.


“At least I’m getting paid for this.”

While most people – guys mostly but also some girls (bless these ladies) – go broke on V-day, at least I’m earning cold hard cash to console myself for doing this. It’s the little things that make you feel better. The ones made out of paper with presidents’ faces and numbers on them.

“Ask me one more time why I’m single. I dare you. I double dare you.”

“But you have such lovely pieces, how are you single on V-day?” None of your business. Maybe it’s by choice. Ever thought of that, huh? Or maybe I just don’t know and that’s why I’m still single.



“I wonder how they’re doing today.”

Most of the time, the pieces performed have muses who were the inspiration for the poem. These love pieces have stories behind them and you can’t help but wonder about how and what your once upon a time muses are doing today. Wondering where things went wrong.

“Things weren’t that bad. Maybe I should give them a call.”

No. No, no, no! That relationship ended for a good reason so don’t you dare dial that number. Don’t you fall for all of this! Back away from your phone. It’s just another day.



“Whatever. There’s probably a good game on T.V. Maybe I can catch the second half.”

It’s just another day. Get paid, go home, do what you usually do, and call it a night. V-day can suck anyways.


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