Bensoul Performs N’Tala Nawe And Discusses Music With Ink Overflow

Bensoul performs his song titled, ‘N’Tala Nawe‘ during Ink Overflow‘s ‘Art & Poetry: Beauty’ event on April 8th, 2017. Enjoy, like, comment, share, and follow us for more.

Ink Overflow: What does music mean to you?

Bensoul: Music is my life. My hustle. My sanity when the world gives me darkness.


IO: What inspired your latest song N’tala Nawe?

B: N’tala Nawe is a song written out of sincere love. Love is a beautiful thing when shared out of sincerity. “I will be with you till the end.”


IO: How did you get started with music?

B: I started music at young age in church. Self-taught myself all these instruments in church. Then in high school I did music too. After high school met with H_art the band who inspired me to do music professionally.


IO: How has the Kenyan music industry treated you so far?

B: Kenyan industry is hard to please but I am really grateful for the reception of some of the songs I have released (Masheesha, Don’t Question My love, Ningependa Nikuchukie). And still working on more singles coming out very soon.


IO: What is your creative process?

B: My music comes in weird times like in the middle of the night.  On the road, or even in Matatus. So I always keep my recorder ready and then put it down on paper when I get time. I am song writer, I write for other artists too. The same-same process, but I have to imagine myself in their shoes.


IO: What is beauty to you?

B: Beauty is that moment when outer self-reflects true happiness from inner self.


IO: What artist(s) do you look up to?

B: In Kenya: Sauti Sol, H_art the Band, Nyashisnki (talk of being authentic to your own style). Internationally: Damien Marley, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Chronixx Music (great inspirations to my style of writing)


IO: What advice do you have for other musicians?

B: Be authentic to yourself, your roots and culture. And be persistent, nothing will come easy.


IO: Any hidden talents?

B: I am a swimmer. I draw and paint. I also dance and I’m good at chess and billiards.


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