“Music Is My Diary” With Zeshari Jean

Ink Overflow: What does music mean to you?

Zeshari: For me, music is the only way in which I can express my true feelings. All shame aside strip me down all you get is music. Music is my diary, my best friend, my journal, my biography, my life events, my life highlights. Music is also my Way of life and the only way I know how to live.

IO: What inspired your latest song?

Z: The same thing that inspires all my songs… my feelings.

IO: How did you get started with music?

Z: I was a video editor at K24 for some time and I would deal with the entertainment scenes in Nairobi. And often I would look at the people performing on stage and I would drool because I knew deep down that is what I wanted to do. But I did not know how to start. One day I found myself watching videos of people singing covers and I came across videos of people from Sauti Academy singing. So I googled Sauti Academy to find out what that was all about… long story short I enrolled myself into the school and graduated 1 and a half years later and have been doing music ever since.

IO: How has the Kenyan music industry treated you so far?

Z: Its gangster being out here. But there are no easy careers I guess.

IO: What is your creative process?

Z: I do not have a specific creative process. Whatever the inspiration of the day goes. It might be politics, Love or even the cup I am using to take tea or grass. My inspiration comes from anything.

SourceL: Zeshari Twitter Page


IO: What do you think about June’s theme Masculinity vs Femininity?

Z: Hmm… At first, I was kinda offended by it, to be honest. I wondered why there had to be a competition around it. Can’t we just live? But, then I thought about it and I thought equality has been long fought for. So this is the time to represent for the team!!! Go Femininity!!!

IO: What artist(s) do you look up to?

Z: Muthoni Drummer Queen, Sauti Sol, of course, the Queen B herself Beyoncé, Beatenberg South Africa, Alesia Cara and John Legend.

IO: How does it feel to be doing another performance?

Z: I will never get over the butterflies in my tummy, I might look all composed on stage but I am trembling inside. Believe me. A part of me is scared to death since it will be my first performance since my main man and guitarist Cee L passed away earlier this year. But then the other part of me is curious to see how this goes… Kinda like a ‘cheers’ to a new beginning.

Source: Ink Overflow
Zeshari performs at Word Sessions: Poetry & BBQ


IO: What advice do you have for other creatives?

Z: It is never too late to start and when you start, be in it to win it.

IO: Any hidden talents you can share with us?

Z: Hmm… I am a pretty good salsa dancer.

Come see Zeshari Jean perform on the 18th of June at the Michael Joseph Centre. Get your tickets here!


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