“It’s okay to be different.” A Conversation With Shikkiey on Poetry & What Inspires Her.

Ink Overflow: When did you decide to become a poet?

Shikkey: Around 2014, it was at a point in my life i wanted to break out of my cocoon and i wanted to do it through poetry.

IO: What is the most important part of performing for you?

S: Being one with my art and getting to share that with others. It’s a really beautiful feeling.

IO: What’s inspired the last thing you wrote?

S: I’m very passionate about women and championing for women’s rights and it’s something I constantly talk about be it through my pieces or even among my friends.

She Is King. Make up by @ceo_likahouse 📷📷📷📷By @mutembeimicheni

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IO: How do you structure your rehearsal days?

S: I have two definite days for rehearsals That’s Tuesdays and Thursdays. On those practice days I practice the whole day and it depends with what exactly I want to achieve .If I have a gig coming up then I most probably will be practicing more that week.

Shikkiey 2

IO: You were the 59th Slam Africa Queen, how did winning that title affect your career?

S: I got more recognition.

IO: What would you have done differently if you knew then what you know now?

S: That’s a tricky question, because if I was to change what I did then, then I wouldn’t be the person I am now and it’s those experiences that moulded me into who I am.

IO: What’s the best advice you ever received?

S: When you’re angry take deep breathes (it actually works).

IO: What is still your biggest challenge?

S: As an artist? Well I have social anxiety at times so meeting new people and socializing can be an issue at times. I remember when I was starting in the poetry scene I used to leave events early or hide backstage just to avoid human interaction but now I’m way better than how I was then.

IO: Is performing full time for you?

S:No it isn’t but I’d like to make it full time.

IO: What else do you do?

S: I’m a student at The University of Nairobi. I’m studying law.

IO: How has the Kenyan entertainment industry treated you so far?

S: The poetry scene is quite fair I really can’t complain. You just have to keep grinding and never give up.

Shikkiey 1

IO: How do you deal with creative blocks?

S: I force myself to write…sometimes it works sometimes not really but it does help to constantly write.

IO: What advice do you have for other poets?

S: It’s okay to be different.

IO: What is your favorite quote?

S: Love conquers all (I’m not sure who said this).


Come see Shikkiey perform on the 18th of June at the Michael Joseph Centre. Get your tickets here!


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